Childrens Home

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Nazareth Children’s Home
Address: PO Box 1438 725 Crescent Road

Founded in 1906, Nazareth Child & Family Connection is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for every child, individual, and family. Nazareth provides a safe home for all children we serve and a healing environment for individuals and families in need of counseling and assistance. In our work with children and families, along with the decisions we have made as an organization, Nazareth has a long proud history of helping create futures and empowering individuals to discover their purpose.

Nazareth has an array of services which are provided in our continuum of care, Therapeutic Foster Care, Family Foster Care, Adoptions, Transitional Living Services for Young Adults, Level II Therapeutic Residential, Short Term Care, Individual and Group Outpatient Therapy, Psychiatric Services, Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy and Parenting Groups in Rowan, Davidson, and Cabarrus Counties.

Despite the current challenging environment, Nazareth will continue to move forward in promoting a positive future and will continue to adapt and change to the needs of our clients with the ultimate goal of success and well-being for everyone we serve. We will succeed in large part because of the dedication of our staff, Board of Trustees, community partners and supporters. Nazareth is committed to helping children, individuals, and families find their place in the world, discover their potential and become agents of their own transformation.

Phone: (704) 279-5556 X117
City: Rockwell
State: NC