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Daly Family Law Firm
111 W Broad St

Daly Family Law Firm is a boutique family law firm that is the only firm in Iredell County dedicated solely to the practice of family law and family related issues. We are located conveniently in downtown Statesville just blocks from the Iredell County Courthouse.

(704) 878-2365
The Justice Firm
100 North Tryon Street Suite B220-397

Eminent domain cases are like puzzles. I gather all of the property-specific facts and relevant law and begin to see how the pieces fit together to maximize my clients’ compensation and achieve their goals. With more than a decade of experience in eminent domain, and a background in finance and economics, I understand what my clients are up against when the government is taking their property.

I understand how taking just a sliver of land can impact the value of the owner’s remaining property. Understanding what my clients are facing means that I comprehend their circumstances, their goals and I know how to best to help them. I offer skilled representation that allows me to navigate efficiently and effectively through the condemnation process, and I do my best to reduce the impact it has on individuals, business owners, churches and nonprofit organizations.

(704) 377-4747