About Us
We deliver Coffee News 52 weeks a year to restaurants, coffee shops, and anywhere people go to relax and have a bite to eat. Coffee News has the week’s funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more.

Everything in Coffee News is fun and entertaining. There’s no bad news here. We seek to provide a big breath of fresh air to readers who are tired of hearing only bad news. Coffee News provides the “other side of the news,” something that makes people SMILE!

Coffee News is a franchise publication that delights millions of readers each week around the world.

Here in North Carolina, we’re a family business, owned and operated by Sam and Alicia Post. We delivered our first edition on February 28, 2006, to 50 establishments in Salisbury. We currently deliver each week to 850 restaurants in 15 towns and cities just north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our team consists of loyal readers, advertisers, four awesome delivery drivers, a world class printer, and ad designers.

Our primary focus is providing extraordinary distribution, customer service, and value. We want everybody to win, and we’re always eager to hear your ideas and feedback.

Who We Are
We are in the business of helping small and medium sized businesses grow through the power of effective, affordable advertising.

Our Core Values
Communication and Over-the-Top Customer Service
Extraordinary Value
Fun and Humor
Being known!
The Local Community
Gratitude and Acknowledgment